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the painting section contains works from a selection of series from recent years including 'birds', 'bugs', 'instruments and amplifiers', paintings on glass' and 'planets and plants' as shown in the thumbnail images immediately below. in total there are eight sections, accessible from  the menu, each containing further examples of the diversity of subject matter of my work. all paintings are oil on linen canvas except those on glass. click the thumbnail images to show the paintings in detail or the link '+/- titles' below to show the painting titles.

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birds - stone curlew, crab and flounder

- 2005, 1320 x 750mm, £850

bugs - bee in tulip

- 2003, 610x610mm, £300

instruments and amplifiers - owl, ophicleide, pipes and drum

- 2006, 765x765mm, £poa

paintings on glass - basset-horn player

- 2008, 690x590mm, £poa

planets and plants - cactus and galaxy

- 2003, 1020 x 660, £600